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IT Consultants & Solutions have outstanding strengths in providing a broad cover in information technology to businesses of small and medium sizes. We are team of professionals who have worked in their respective fields for number of years.

Software Development.
We will provide you complete software development services. We are proficient in developing robust software with solid design that is user friendly. We design and develop solutions for business processes, customer relation management, web site design and integration of same with data base.
Infrastructure Support.

For all your support needs for your infrastructure or customized staff training, ITCS will provide you a quality solution. If you are having a disastrous day, contact us.
We provide support on Unix, Linux, Microsoft Windows OS and CISCO routers.

Retail Services.

We sell major brands of software and hardware to fulfill your needs. We will listen to your requirement before suggesting a quality product at competitive price to you for purchase. Do you want one server or many? We will help you in your upgrade planning or starting from ground zero by assisting you in building a good design, providing full documentation on design and finally implementing the complete solution.


Services Contacts Feedback Key Suppliers

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